Divorce Corp (Must Watch)

“Documentary Paints Horrific Picture of Intimidation, Collusion, and Excessive Billing in Family Courts” – HuffingtonPost   DIVORCE CORP Documentary If you have any plans or are in the process of getting a divorce, this film is a must watch. Although must of us are aware of the cost of getting a divorce is extremely high, […]

Divorce Cheat Sheet of Tips

Getting divorced is a big, complex mess. You need to get a lawyer, divvy up your possessions, fight over the kids and find a new special someone to spend your life with. These quick tips will help you maintain your sanity and keep everything under control as you undergo this arduous process. 1. Treat Your […]

Dealing With Emotions

Anyone who has gone through the harrowing experience of a divorce understands that it is a complex issue which can take a long time to deal with. Every aspect of the divorce process has a way of chipping away at the resilience of the individual and breaking down the strongest of barriers. In particular, the […]

Coping with Your Divorce Tips

Your divorce is the end of your relationship. It’s a messy, complicated legal process that drags out your breakup process over weeks or months. It’s normal to have mixed feelings during and after your divorce. No matter whose ‘fault’ things were, you and your spouse were invested in building a future with each other. Your […]

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